Cyber Security

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Cyber Security Consultancy


Every business, in every sector, is vulnerable

Many small and medium-sized businesses believe that they simply don’t have systems or data worth hacking.

Using various methodologies, our aim is to make security second nature to your people, a key part of your business process and fundamental to your IT infrastructure.

The problem for most small and medium-sized businesses  is that they simply don’t have the financial resources to employee an in-house IT team or set aside a secure space for their key IT infrastructure components, such as servers.

But with our cyber security consultancy we can make the right advice and state-of-the-art technical solutions achievable AND affordable. Independent, impartial and objective our expert and experienced services are carefully tailored to your budget, your business and compliance objectives, as well as your plans for your operations today and tomorrow’s.

Disaster recovery and data back-up solutions for your peace of mind

Disaster recovery and data back-up solutions are much like insurance – you’re covering your business for something you hope is never going to happen. Unfortunately, in the real world it sometimes does.

So our disaster recovery and data back-up solutions are put in place to keep your business running, while minimising operational downtime and data loss. Remember, such problems aren’t only caused by cyber security breaches but also by other unforeseen events such as theft, fire and flooding. Whatever the cause, our aim is always to get your IT system, and the business that relies upon it, up and running again as quickly and effectively as possible.