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IT Consultants

For any business, employing skilled people to help drive your company processes and lead operational development forward is a costly resource. Without the knowledge and experience, companies run the risk of becoming stationary, in potential jeopardy of complacency and making unadvised and costly decisions, especially in the area of IT systems, cyber security and support.

With IT support, one size does not fit all.

That’s why our onboarding process includes a careful review of each client’s unique needs. It’s also why we have regular Account Management meetings with you and strive to ensure that all of our communication is simple and easy to understand – not the jargon-laden minefield you might have come to expect.

Our Managed IT Support covers remote and on-site support for desktops, servers and network equipment. We also include regular maintenance of all systems, pro-active monitoring, managed cyber security, anti-virus and operating system patch management. Together with scheduled site visits, change requests and full support of cloud IT platforms.

We know that you’d rather focus on your business than stay on hold with your software vendors and Internet Service Provider.

Proactive maintenance is at the heart of a successful, modern IT system. It ensures that your business-critical systems and networks are up to speed with the latest system and security updates.

With our 24/7/365 maintenance, we constantly monitor and maintain your servers, workstations, and network. That way, we can prevent and resolve security or operational issues before they affect your day-to-day business.

We know that our clients and their businesses are constantly exposed to cyber threats and potentially business-ending IT security scenarios. That’s why we provide Managed IT Security as part of our Managed IT service foundations as it is our job to put in place and manage cyber threat prevention measures.

Using multiple cyber security platforms covering, profiling, protection, detection and response, vulnerability scanning and qualified network systems auditing, we identify and tighten external and internal IT security weaknesses that we know can and will affect your business.

The way that businesses and individuals work is changing rapidly and the buzz words that are definitely here to stay are “cloud” security, “cloud” computing and Software as a Service (SaaS). By reducing the size of your on-site infrastructure, you can save on costs. Hosting your services through the cloud guarantees that you pay only for what you need, and maintenance expenses stay low. In the same vein, you’re given the flexibility to choose the services that suit your business.

Hosting your email on external servers grants your business more mobility. It allows your staff to stay connected and productive even if they’re not all in the same, physical office space. With cloud hosting, a globally-distributed team becomes a real possibility. When companies operate with cloud computing solutions, the need for brick-and-mortar offices is eliminated, reducing your company’s costs.

Business Applications
Because of this we always have a sense of pride when we often hear words such as amazing, brilliant and outstanding used to describe our IT services.
Microsotf 365 & Microsoft Windows
If you’re not already running Microsoft Office 365 applications for your business, now might be the time to switch. As one of the most widely-used business applications today, Office 365 has secure support and features that your staff is likely to be familiar with.
Accounting Software Solutions
Many accounting platforms are on the market today, and choosing the right one for your business is of the utmost importance. These four main aspects in mind. When it comes to keeping track of what customers owe, some important features your accounting platform should have is invoice processing, automatic invoicing, and payment processing. Creating, tracking, sending, and printing invoices is the most basic function of any accounting software, and automatic invoicing
CRM & SAP Support Solutions
If you want to achieve successful customer relationships, choosing the right CRM is crucial. Integration – Integrating all the services your business needs, like email clients, chat, call centres, web analytics, third-party apps, email marketing campaigns, and social media management should be a must for your CRM

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